In the market since 2001 LineaMédica began by launching Sterisafe® brand designed for surgical coverage which, besides quality, quickly proved to be a safe, flexible and cost effective solution. These features pleased our customers and positioned Sterisafe® brand as a highly competitive option.

After Serisafe® experience LineaMédica has become an important partner in the healthcare sector.

Always attentive to the market needs we are close to the daily lives of our customers. We invest our time analysing and understanding their needs to be able to adapt and propose the best solutions for each case.

More than a brand Sterisafe® is a solution born of a national project that swiftly conquered the Iberian market by being unique in terms of quality, safety for both the surgical team and the patient and, above all, for the innovative ability.
In addition to the great flexibility offered in adapting to the needs of each customer, it creates a true partnership approach.

SAC – Sterisafe® Adapted to Customer Customized solutions designed for individual needs of each hospital, clinic, speciality, clinical team or even intervention. We believe there is no better solution for effective surgical coverage other than what the surgical team really wants.

SPT - Sterisafe® Procedure Trays The selection, verification and rigorous preparation of all single-use items necessary to a certain surgical intervention are important tasks for any surgical procedure and sometimes require from healthcare professionals too much of their valuable time.

Serisafe® Procedure Trays offer professional and institutions tailor made kits with single-use instruments needed for a particular type of intervention, according to specific requirements, thus providing greater efficiency and minimizing time waste.

Sterisafe® Advantages

Waterproofing and fluid control

Sterisafe® solution meets the most stringent criteria of protection and fluid control for fields, bundles and surgical gowns.


Sterisafe® solution is for single-use, hence is always new. It offers the best guarantee for consistent aseptic technique in every surgical procedure.

Absorption and integrated self-adhesive edges

Sterisafe® solution offers, whenever necessary, absorbing/very absorbing zones and self-adhesive edges.

Comfort and Security

Sterisafe® surgical gowns match in a unique way two main characteristics of a good surgical gown: Comfort and Security.